Eric Leaver P.Eng, MBA, DER, Delegated Engineer (Certification Engineer)

Eric brings a unique blend of management, engineering, marketing and financial skills to Team TAG. He has a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from Bristol University and a Masterís Degree in Business Administration from Manchester Business School, England. Eric is a highly qualified industry professional with a variety of experience, most notably with the El Gavilan SAís launch of a new single engine aircraft, where he spearheaded the development project from inception to design, certification, production, sales and deliveries, making the El Gavilan S.A the first light plane to be certified by the FAA in the past 15 years under FAR 23.
Eric is also a commercial pilot, a flight instructor and has flight test experience. Eric is one of the delegated engineers at TAG Aerospace for both Transport Canada and the FAA.

Dr Slava Zarubin

Dr Slava Zarubin heads the composites structures group. Dr Zarubin gained his doctorate of science and post doctorate qualifications within the Russian aerospace industry and academia. Dr Zarubin was a key player in the Russian investigations into anisotropic isogrid (anisogrid) aerospace structural optimization within the MIR space platform program as well as positions within the automotive and gas and oil industries. Slava heads up the FEA department within TAG Aerospace.

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